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Blackbird dron


Blackbird drone

On duty 24/7, the fully-autonomous Blackbird drone, from leading technology partner Nightingale Security, is one of the highest calibre and smartest security and inspection drones available around the world and has been customised to seamlessly integrate with any third party system.

Flying scheduled patrols day and night, in rain, snow and dust storms, the Blackbird surveillance drone automatically responds to alerts, can be airborne in 30 seconds, transmits live video feeds, lands, recharges, communicates and reports maintenance needs – all by itself.

Homed in its own protective recharge base station enables a single Blackbird, or multiple Blackbirds, to be strategically located around critical infrastructure as a perimeter security drone and surveillance system. It’s one of the best commercial security and surveillance drones on the market today.


Main Functions

  • Scheduled missions & response ready
    Scheduled missions & response ready
  • All weather protection
    All weather protection
  • Autonomous takeoff and landing
    Autonomous takeoff and landing
  • 33 minute max flight time
    33 minute max flight time
  • Onboard AI
    Onboard AI

Why choose our services?

“Having flown tens of thousands of missions, protecting manufacturing facilities, corporate headquarters, rail yards, medical research centres, commercial farms, space and defence manufacturing facilities – the Blackbird has real field experience.

How it’ s done?

1. Step

Once we sign a contract we deploy the security solution at your perimeter with specialized team. We also give you a training ho to work with the system.

2. Step

Together we plan all missions the drone will follow providing perfect security intelligence.

3. Step

Now you can control your system from anywhere you need. There is also automatic report once the perimeter is disturbed.



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