About Us

We are group of talented people, who are always focused od the given task and thinking out of the box.
We are using professional and newest equipment from the DJI and we all have a pilot licence.
Our main focus is sport activities, adrenaline events, but we are always trying to fulfill any customer need.

Everything is discussed into detail with the client before we start with the work, so the output satisfy even the most demanding clients.
Our post production enhances the quality of the data into perfect product that can be used for any marketing or any other purpose.



Oculus Aeris, spol. s.r.o.
Pekařská 603/12
15500, Prague 5-Jinonice

Phone: 606 936 811

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Oculus Aeris s.r.o. Pekařská 603/12 Prague 5-Jinonice 15500 Česko